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Mandatory Self-introduction

          "From Hesse, are-you-being accurate?"

          I take this to mean, "Did Hesse use the word 'erdisch'?
          I didn't see it myself, but I won't discount the
          possibility.  It's not in Cassell's, however.

          Too much German.  tlhIngan-Hol vo':  is the continuous
          suffix added to the pronoun?

          While I have your attention, a Klingon cultural note:

          Q.  How do they serve live qagh aboard Klingon warships?

               This was a mystery.  After all, replicators can't
          reproduce live food.  Klingon ships don't have enough room
          to store tons of live bait merely because "qagh is best when
          served live".  That would be a blatant un-Klingon luxury.
          Most military fare is stuff that can be stored dry and then
          easily reconstituted, like salt pork, hardtack,
          petaQ-on-a-shingle, etc.  So what gives with the live qagh?

          A.  It's blindingly simple, of course.  Klingon ships have
          NO facilities for preserving food, and live qaghDu' are the
          natural result of taking off with qagh eggs already
          infesting whatever jerked flesh that happened to be aboard.
          If you have to live with it, learn to love it.


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