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Re: Mandatory Self-introduction

Kloko, you may be true, you've been excluded from the 'we' that don't use
Klingon orthography for terran languages, but though you may be having fun,
some people on this list, not as familiar as I with what combinations of
letters are and are not possible in Klingon and so not able to determine
ahead of time that they won't be finding any translations in their copies
of the Klingon Dictionary, might not appreciate the disruption.  (ow, that
was too long. Maybe I should try going for records eventually)
Why do you bother attempting to fit terran languages into Klingon orthography?
you can only barely fit the words you use into the selection of sounds
available, and some of the combinations of consonants you use would be the
rough equivalent of 'chngmbthpt' in English.  Basically, close to 
unpronounceable by the fictional beings whose orthography you're borrowing.
Try something a little more of a challenge and see if you can obey the rules
about what phonemes can be placed after others and see if you can't come
up with legitimate possibilities for Klingon words that would be, like
such words as "qevaS" (Kevas), "Doy'yuS" (Troyius), and "nImbuS" (Nimbus),
transliterations of non-klingon words adapted for use by Klingons.
(Disclaimer:  This is not intended to be a hostile (flame) response.)
- Krenath

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