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Klingon translation software

>Date: Thu, 30 Dec 1993 03:19:59 +0100
>From: Rick Harrison <>

>forwarded from Usenet's "rec.arts.startrek.current" newsgroup

>From: "Larry C. Stanley" <>
>Subject: Klingon Translator
>Date: Wed, 29 Dec 1993 09:31:45 -0500
>Organization: University Libraries - Library Automatio, Carnegie Mellon, 
>   Pittsburgh, PA
>Lines: 27


>    I have been working on a Klingon to English/English to Klingon
>Translator for the past year. I decided that a zipped version of
>shareware was the best way to get the translator to the most people. 
>The translator includes the almost 2 thousand words contained in Marc
>Okrand's, Klingon Dictionary. At this stage of development I haven't
>included most of the affixes but I will if I see enough interest in the
>    Now let's get to the reason I'm posting to this Bboard. Can someone
>point me in the direction of an FTP site that will allow  the
>distribution of my translator. Instruction on protocol will help.

>    yIn nI' je chep

We're supposed to take seriously someone who says "yIn nI' je chep"???
Even if it weren't a Vulcan wish, it's not close to grammatical!  Maybe
"qaStaHvIS poH nI' yIyIn 'ej yIchep", or maybe with "-jaj".

>Thanks In Advance;  Larry Stanley 


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