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Re: joy to the world

batlh choja', quv:

=qo'vaD Quchghach
=pawta' joH'a'
=che'wI' Hevjaj tera'
='el 'e' luchaw' tIq Hoch
='el 'e' luchaw' tIq Hoch
='ej jach QI'tu' tera' je
='ej jach QI'tu' tera' je
='ej jach - 'ej jach QI'tu' tera' je

Excellent translation! Clever of you to do "'el 'e' luchaw' tIq Hoch" twice
there, instead of padding. My only objection would be the use of "tera'";
if I was a Klingon, I wouldn't be too happy about it. (Thank God I'm not.)
In most instances, qo' will do. (The carol as given is quite singable, if you 
pronounce the e in tera' very short --- as is done on _Conversational 

Btw, in answer to your question, I'm not here either ;) , and yes, it is
because it's THAT time of year again. I've got the translation of Much Ado,
Act3Scene1 to upload from my new (haha) 286 --- unfortunately, it looks like 
I blew the IO card up on installation. It was a verse scene, too, so it
took me a while. I should write up an article on Klingonic pentameter


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Nick Nicholas, Breather       {le'o ko na rivbi fi'inai palci je tolvri danlu}               -- Miguel Cervantes tr. Jorge LLambias

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