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Re: KBTP: getting the right materials

> I have written to KevinWilson, coordinator of the KBTP, who sent me a sheet
> of guidelines. One of those guidelines was that we are to use _Revised
> Standard Version_ for the English baseline of translation. Since I don't
> know enough Hebrew or Greek to translate directly out of the original,
> I'm going to need such a version. However, I have had major difficulty in
> tracking down this particular version. Only one bookstore even had _Revised
> Standard_ listed and that copy was out of print. So, question is, where is
> anybody supposed to get _Revised Standard_?? Should this guideline maybe be
> altered? qaS nuq jay'?

The RSV has been supplanted by the New RSV.   Personally I'd also point you
to the King James Version as a supplement to the RSV(s) because it has such
a wealth of associated resources.  Strong's and Young's Concordances (exhaustive
concordances of english tied to the Greek and Hebrew text), interlinear
Greek and Hebrew texts.  While wooden and not entirely reliable, the KJV also
is a very literal translation *AND* preserves the original (IMHO correct) use
of thee and thou - to indicate singular, as opposed to ye and you, plural
second person.  [The RSV and other revisions invent a fictional notion that
'thee' and 'thou' are forms of divine address;  no such address exists in the
original texts, and in some places requires the translator to interpret whether
the individual addressed is divine or not.  The RSV and NASB that follow this
form do insert the divine pronoun at different places in some passages.]

[Just out of curiousity, have you considered a better bookstore?  Perhaps
a Christian or College one that would have knowledgeable saleshelp?  Just a

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