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I've been meaning to post this since August!  I began writing this at the end
of the summer's camp.  That's how hectic things have been.  I thought I'd
better send it through before the year ends.

Spending two weeks under the tutelage of Captain Krankor can do things to
you.  I won't elaborate, I don't want to scare you.  But, on the day we both
left Minnesota I found myself promising to practice my Klingon more
rigorously, and told him I'd post a short piece of narrative prose to the
mailing list when my schedule lightened up.  I've just turned in the first
class's final grades, so while there's a lull, I'm posting this.  At
Krankor's suggestion I'm not including the translation (he's so MEAN!). 
Think of it as a small *rumor*; only you can judge the truth of it.


qIbHeSDaq tachDaq lut vIQoy.  chuSqu'pu' pa'.  jIDoy'bejpu'.  chechchu'ta'
ja'wI'.  lutDaj vIHarbe'pu' 'ach vIbuSpu'.  

"batlh ghajbe'qu' Hod Qanqor," jatlhpu' ghaH.  "voDleH toy'wI''a' puqloDqoq
mubHa' ghaH Qanqor'e' 'ej DujDaj nobpu' vavoy" 'Ippu' chechwI'.  

"teHlaH'a' Dochvam?" jItlhob'eghpu'.

"ghobe'!  Heghna'lIj 'oHqu' vItHa'bejghachvetlh'e'" vIjachta'.  

vaj qoHHey vIHoHta'.  pa'Daq nubejbejpu' mInmey.  pa' SaHpu'chugh voDleH
'oSwI'pu vaj batlhwIj luleghpu'.

lutDaj vIHarbe'pu' 'ach vIbuSpu'.  DaH vIbuStaH.

:: Dr Lawrence M Schoen, Director   ::
:: The Klingon Language Institute   ::
:: POB 634, Flourtown, PA 19031 USA ::

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