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Re: revisions for {vaj lut}, part 1

On Dec 11,  2:28am, wrote:
> Also, I'll change, {qawHaqvaD nuqDaq Duj lungevlu' vItlhob}
> to {qawHaqvaD vItlhob nuqDaq Duj lungevlu'}
> Verbs of 'speaking' can precede the quote.

     I've wondered about that, but I've never seen an example in cannon. It
doesn't really seem very Klingon, since the quote is essentially the object
of the speaking verb, and as such should precede the verb. In English, it can
go either place, but I'm not sure that's legit in Klingon, especially without

     I would appreciate more opinions to confirm or challenge this view.

--   charghwI'

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