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Self-Instructional Course

                       Subject:                               Time:11:56 AM
  OFFICE MEMO          Self-Instructional Course              Date:12/10/93


  In an effort to improve upon the Klingon Postal Course, a number of
KLI members are in the analysis stage of creating a new
self-instructional course in thlIngan Hol.  We need your help!

  To determine the best method of teaching thlIngan Hol, we need to
know about WHO we're teaching.  We also need other information.

  If you feel you have a firm grasp of thlIngan Hol, could you please
take some time to answer the following questions.  Please send you
answers to MGOMES@KLA.COM by *FRIDAY, December 17th, 1993*.

  Thank you for your help.  Qapla'!


1.  How long have you been studying thlIngan Hol?
2.  What five verb prefixes do you use the most?
3.  List ten nouns and ten verbs that you use most often.
4.  What are the three most difficult grammar areas you've found (and
     how did you overcome the difficulty)?
5.  Would you like pIQaD (the written languague) to be taught in this
     program?  Why or why not?
6.  What are your feelings on using audio tape?  Video tape?
7.  Please include any other comments you would like about the design
     of a self-instructional thlIngan Hol course.

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