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RE: the ship in which I fled

On Dec 9, 12:57am, Jeremy Cowan wrote:

> Why not just say, <munge'ta'bogh Duj>.
> And if context isn't clear, you can always add <jIHaw'vIS>.
> janSIy   }}:+D

     Doesn't that imply that the ship had an intent? Perhaps the ship's
computer could be considered sentient enough to have a goal and carry it out,
but that gets into a wholly different context than the proposal for the
original sentence. Perhaps -pu' instead of -ta' would have been more
appropriate. YOU may have accomplished escaping in the ship, but the SHIP
probably did not have the goal to take you away, and I think the sense of
accomplishment related to -ta' is usually related to the subject, not the
object. {Verb}ta' means to me that the subject successfully and completely
accomplished the action of the verb (perhaps upon an object). It does not
mean that the object successfully accomplished having the subject complete
the action.

--   charghwI'

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