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Re: tlhIngan mu'ghom'a' chu'

HoD trI'Qal wrote:
>Yes, a new dictionary would be nice, but I personally don't think it 
>is realistic at this time.  If you really are tired of flipping twice 
>through the dictionary, or wondering if words cam out in the new 
>lists, just do what I did:
>I added in all the new vocabulary by hand on both sides of the 
>dictionary.  Think it will take too muctime?  Then don't growl 
>about looking twice in the book.  That takes time too. {{:)

I was frustrated by the constant flipping, too.  I decided to type all 
the words of Klingon into a word processor, and then I could use it's 
search function to find a word in a snap.  When I was done, though, I 
wanted more, so I wrote a program, with it's own search routines, 
which recognizes the morphology on roots, and returns analyses.  It 
saves me a heck of a lot of time.

If anyone is interseted in critique-ing the program, I'll forward 
copies.  E-mail me a request.

d'Armond Speers

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