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Esther I 1-9

ARGH.  I can't escape...  After I did Jonah, I was trying to decide what to
do next, halting between Ruth and Esther.  Then Matt W. starts on Ruth, so
I figure I'll do Esther, since it's got the better plot.  Now Marnen's
started Esther???  It follows me wherever I go.  Oh well.  Nobody better
touch Ps. 23, which I've got almost right.

I haven't gone over this in detail yet, but just one comment: *PLEASE*
don't mistake "-pu'" with a past tense!  "...wa'vatlh cha'maH yoS'a'mey
che'pu'bogh *'aHaSveroS*" means "Ahasueros who had ruled over 127 countries
[but doesn't by the time we're talking about it]."  See p.41, where it says
the "-pu'" indicates the action is *completed*, and is often translatable
as present *perfect*, not past.  Narratives generally take place in past
tense: that *doesn't* mean there should be "-pu'"s everywhere.


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