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HaghmoHwI'Hom vInIDqa'

wamwI'pu' moj 'e' wuq cha' nuv taQ
chalHa'DIbaH wamghachvaD Ha'DIbaH luje'
ngemDaq wamwI'pu latlh tlha' chaH Ha'DIbaH je 'ej wamchoH
rInDI' jaj pagh wampu'
qaStaHnIS jaj tlha' wamqa'
juHvaD chegh'eghqa'DI' pagh lughaj
chaHmo' HaghtaH wamwI' Hoch
qaStaHnIS jaj tlha'qa' qaS wanI' rap
tlha'wI' ja' chaH wa'
  muj vay'
'ej jang latlh
  mujqu' vay'
  pagh jonpu' Ha'DIbaHvam QIp
  lI'be'qu' 'oH jay' pagh wIjenmoHHa'
The translation for those who don't want to fiddle with my errors is 30 lines
  Two weirdos decided to become hunters. So they bought a dog for bird-hunting.
(There ought to be a word in English for such a kind of a dog, but I do not
know it.)
  They and their dog followed other hunters into the woods and started hunting.
They caught nothing whole day. Next day they hunted again, and again returned
home empty-handed. 
  Everybody laughed at them.
  The following day same thing happened. Then, one of them said to the other,
"Something stinks here."
  "Yeah, something really stinks here.", replied the other one. "This stupid
dog caught absolutely nothing. Either it's bloody useless, or we don't throw
it high enough!"
mu'tlhegh qav boyajpu'be' 'e' vIHar
qech Sughajchugh 'ej qechraj QaQ law' qechwIj QaQ puS 'oHchugh (?) vaj
  HIghItlh 'e' qatlhob
    <If you have better idea> vIHech
    chay' Dochvam Dajatlh
Qapla' qoranvo'

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