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Last try at Aesop's Fables (I hope)

I sent this message n monday, and I haven't seen in yet, so I'm re-
senting.  They will probably both appear later today.

I have once again revised the versions of the fables.  The only major 
change comes in The Fox and the Crow, where the crow want to show off her 
supposedly beautiful voice.  Since there is no word for sing, I tried to 
work around that.  I hope these are acceptable.  

bIQ ngaSwI' tu' 'ojbejbogh chalHa'DIbaH
ngaSwI'Daq nujDaj lanpu'DI' chalHa'DIbaH bIQ SIchlaHbe' 'e' tu'
nIDtaH 'ach tlhutlhlaHbe'ba'DI' jegh
SIbI' chen Qubghach 
naghHom woH 'ej ngaSwI'Daq roQ
jenchoH bIQ
jenchoHmeH bIQ ngaSwI'Daq naghHom roQ
vaj naghHommey puS chaghDI' bIQ tlhutlh

juHvo' Soj nIH chalHa'DIbaH
SorDaq puvpu' chalHa'DIbaH
jIvalchugh Sojvetlh vISop jatlh'egh chalHa'DIbaH leghpu'bogh Ha'DIbaH'e'
Qubpu' Ha'DIbaH
chalHa'DIbaHDaq nuqneH jatlh Ha'DIbaH
DaHjaj bI'IHneS
monglIj 'IH law' Hoch 'IH puS
tellIj HoS law' Hoch Hos puS
ghogh ghajchugh Hoch bel 'e' vIHonbe'bej
Dochmeyvam jatlh Ha'DIbaH
naDmo' ghoghDaj 'IH QoymoH Hoch neH chalHa'DIbaH
nujDaj poSmoHDI' ghorDaq pum Soj
nom Soj tlhap Ha'DIbaH
'IHghachlIj vIjatlhlaw' 'ach yab vIjatlhbe'bej 

Do' Ha'DIbaH lughaj loD be'nalDaj je
Ha'DIbaHvo' boghpu' lo'laHbogh moQ 'e' qaStaH jaj
Ha'DIbaH luHoHchugh Huch lulellaH 'e' luQub
vaj Huch Hoch SuqmeH luHoH loD be'nalDaj je qur
Ha'DIbaH lupoSmoH 'ej le'be' Ha'DIbaH
'IQqu' loD be'nalDaj je
Ha'DIbaH luHoHmo' mIpHa'
tuvchugh Huch ghaj
         ____|    |____
        |              |
        |____      ____|
             |    |           Matt Whiteacre
             |    |           MMW8970@ZEUS.TAMU.EDU
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