I was wondering if someone could provide me the original Klingon for the phrase "work the problem".  Imperative form is probably appropriate, but I am a very unskilled linguist, so I'm not sure that's correct.  The greater context is to ignore everything else and to solely focus on finding a solution for the current problem.



qurgh Posted new comment August 8, 2019

My best guess is:
problem: qay'
to work: Qap
2nd person singular subject, 3rd person singular object: yI-
qay' yIQap

If anyone can confirm or correct, that'd be great!

{qay'} is a verb meaning "to be a problem", so it can't be the object of {Qap} "to work, function, succeed".

*smacks forehead* Of course, thanks for pointing that out.
Perhaps ghu' (situation), then?
ghu' yIQap

{Qap} is "work" as in "The machine is working" or "This tap does not work properly", not the act of doing some kind of labor, that's {vum}, maybe {yIvumtaH 'ej SIbIHa' bIQap} "Continue to work and eventually you will succeed". I still prefer {not yIjegh} though 🙂