"With" and "more and less"

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Is there a way to say "with"? I mean to say, other than just using the "'ej" or "je" option. Also, was wondering how to say "more" and "less". I mean, would adding "puS" and "law'" after the noun do the trick? "paq law'" or "paqmey law'"? Thanks.

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desduwij unselected answer October 16, 2017

"With" as in "accompany"?

Soppa' vISuch. mutlhej voq I visit the mess hall with Vok (lit: I visit the mess hall. Vok accompanies me

"more" and "less" in what context?

paqmey puS ghaj voq 'ach paqmey law' vIghaj Vok has a few books but I have many books

paqwIj Doj law' paqlIj Doj puS My book is more impressive than your book/You book is less impressive than my book



qurgh commented on answer October 17, 2017

more as in "I want more books". Would the construction be, I have many books, I want many books?" On comparisons, I'm good, the explanation in the dictionary makes sense enough but with more as an adjective it because more tricky. "paqmey law'"? But that's only "many books". My question is semi-answered for "with". But what, say, about a sentence like "With all the of the bad news lately…" or "I'll eat it with a side of qagh"?

Ahh, okay. "I want more books" is different. For that you need {latlh}. {paq law' vIghaj. latlh paq vIneH} – "I have many books. I want more books". That meaning of "with" is actually "because". "Because of all the bad news lately….": {De' qab vIHevmo'} – "Because I have received bad information….". For "I'll eat it with a side of qagh" you'll have to split it up. {chab vISop. qagh vIneH je'} – "I'll eat the pie. I also want qagh".

oooh okay. and for "less"? "I want less books"?

For that phase you'd have to rework the thought to make it to more specific. You want to get rid of some of the books you currently own? {paqmeywIj puS vIwoD vIneH} "I want to throw away a few of my books". You wish you had a few books instead of many books? {paqmey puS neH vIghaj 'e' vIjIn} "I wish that I have only a few books" or {juHDaq paq law' vIneHbe'. paq puS vIneH} "I don't want many books in my house. I want a few books". If a Klingon translation isn't obvious at first, try coming up with another way to say the concept you are trying to translate. My suggestions here will only work for some of the ways English uses "less".