What would be a good translation for the word packet (as in digital packet)?

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I need a translation for the word packet. Like in the digital packet of 1's and 0's moving across the wire. It's for a name, so the nomenclature needs to be close.


Names are typically not required to be "close" to anything in particular. Is the Klingon version of "packet" going to be the name itself, or is that only part of the name? Any information you can give as to how exactly it's going to be used will help in coming up with an appropriate answer. 

If I were talking about data packets, I'd be tempted to call them De'DaH. It's a compound noun that I really shouldn't be using unless it were in a dictionary, but De' is information, data and DaH is array

The word vey means package or set, and might also be useful: De' vey package of information. However, vey has only been used to refer to something physical, and it's possible that it is not appropriate for less tangible stuff like bits of data.

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