What do you think of this feature?

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Let me know what you think of the Question and Answer feature!

Anonymous deleted answer August 14, 2017

They released another big update, and I've enabled some other features that I hope will make this better. 

Do the folks subscribed to this thread get notified when I add this new answer?


Is there a way to be notified by email of replies to questions, and new questions posted to the forum?

qurgh commented on answer September 11, 2017

Yes. Following should make it send you emails. However, they are currently updating the plugin with new features, so that maybe interfering. I'll look into it more.

Follow-up question: is there a way to be notified of new topics in the forum? Or is the only way to check the forum regularly?

Continuing in the vein or using this specific threat to put out weird bugs, the "follow" feature doesn't seem to be working anymore. I have followed several threads, but I have not received any e-mails for any of them since the last software update.

Odd. I got notified of this post, and I get notified of new ones. You should be able to "subscribe" to threads and categories. What happens when you click the subscribe button?

It changes to "Unsubscribe" and the counter next to it goes up by one. But I never get any emails. I even checked my junk mail in case the filter grabbed them, but I have nothing in there either. I guess it's just me then…


Clicking on the "Follow" button in the upper right results in "Something went wrong, last action failed."

qurgh commented December 16, 2015

Also, is there any way to use *bold* or _italics_ in comments?

The latest update had a bug in it that broke the new follow system they installed. I've taken steps to fix it, and following should not be possible.

I don't believe you can do bold or italics in comments, unless this or this works. (apparently HTML tags work)

The "Follow" button seems to be working now, as do bold and italics.

Following is possible, but the update automatically took me off all of the threads I was previously following. Not sure that's fixable, but I wanted to do an FYI.

Also, weirdly, while the threads are moving to the top as they are answered/commented on, the status line below is not accurately updating.

Not sure if you meant this thread to be a place to point out bugs…