I am so excited to have found this website!

I am an artist in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, that is working with a group of teen artists to create thought-provoking art installations for a temporary exhibit at the Milwaukee Art Museum. For one of their installation ideas, they are in the need of recordings of people saying the phrase, “Who am I?” in many different languages. One of the languages they are hoping to get a recording of is Klingon! Eventually the audio waveforms of each language will be 3D-printed in plastic and temporarily displayed in the museum.

Unfortunately we do not have a budget to pay people for recordings – but considering the brevity of this recorded phrase, and that it is for a good, educational cause, we are hoping that people might be able to volunteer a few minutes to help us make this a reality.

The easiest way this could work is if someone fluent in Klingon could use their own phone’s voice memo app (or similar), record the phrase “Who am I?”, and email it to me: [email protected] That’s it! Ideally the recording would be free of background noise and distortion.

Please feel free to email me if you would like to know more details about the project.

My students and I would be so thrilled if this could happen!

My best,
[email protected]

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