I have a small cafe in Utah that does a something fun on Wednesdays as an advertising technique.  On Wednesdays, we have “geek day” trivia where customers get a discount or free items for answering the question correctly.  So, we have proposed that in our voice mail when customers call, that on Wednesdays, they are given an additional option of hearing our voice mail menu in Klingon.  (this is meant as a joke where someone says, “For English, press 1.  For Spanish, press 2.  For Klingon, press 8.”

So, what we are looking for is someone that would be willing to help us translate our voice mail menu into Klingon.  If you are local, we would love to offer a gift certificate to our cafe as a hearty thank you for the help.

Snyper1776 Asked question July 1, 2019