Dear Klingon enthusiasts,

I will get married soon and I would like to give something special to my wife. She studied quite a few languages (Klingon was not one of them, if you can believe that), which is what inspired me to sing her a love song in many languages, including the ones she studied but not limiting it to these. After all, she married a nerd so what good would it be to exclude Klingon from it?

Anyways. There is a song by a German song writer called Bodo Wartke which is a love song he tried to translate into 85 or some languages. Only the verse is being translated, which reads as “I want to sing in every language for you baby, and play on every instrument to say these words to you: believe me, it is true, I love you!”. Yes yes, not quite the words a Klingon warrior would use, but hey I’m anyways not so fond of the bat’leth.

Now, he did make an attempt at Klingon, but I have no idea where his translation is from, and it does sound off to me. Unfortunately, I’m a complete newbie to the language so I have no chance of knowing if it makes any sense or none at all. His attempt is something close to “Che qua Quanamir hamlem me Aguab, Bam chyé ehé tse Linguam puba Gruzzquem, Che bang qua be” (sorry for the transcription).

Would any of you be able to do better? I would greatly appreciate!

Noone in the room will be able to know what I’m saying so no need to translate it literally. But please don’t make me say something stupid, after all, it’s a wedding gift. 🙂

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