Hey you guy’s,

I am thinking about having a Klingon tattoo. Now my question: Can you translate a sentence to Klingon? That would be great? Of course I want to have the original character (font). Is that possible?

Here the sentence:

“Let all you do be done in love.”


Thank you so much, and Qapla’

Florian Lepold


I had a realy long and nice discussion with an English native speaker. And we decided that bIvangDI’ yIqu’ “When you act, be fierce!” is the right thing. Thank you so much. Now I have to more things were you can help me.
1. Can you produce graphic of the pIqaD for me?
2. Is there an possibility that I can get a audio file, so that I know how to pronounce the sentence correctly?

That would be so great! Thank you so much!