I am having a bat’leth custom made for a lot of money, and plan to engrave a saying in it.  I’m doing my due diligence to confirm the saying says what I think it says, and is error-free.  The saying I’ve chosen, grabbed from http://hol.kag.org, is “Revenge is the best revenge”.  They translate this on their website as linked here: http://hol.kag.org/a/bortaS%20nIvqu’%20’oH%20bortaS’e’.

I believe the triangle on the right edge is some sort of punctuation and I intend to leave it off.

Even training myself up on Klingon in a great hurry, I can only be mostly sure my understanding of what I’m looking at is correct.  I beseech the experts of the internet, and KLI, to lend me their wisdom and affirm the translation is correct/legitimate.