What is cooler than an open source software project with an incredibly cute mascot? Software that has a Klingon translation of course!

I actually fantasized about having Feri be in Klingon when I made the multilingual part of her code. As more people have discovered her, they’ve submitted translations for French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Swedish. This is super awesome of course yet… my Star Trek loving soul still pines for Klingon. To me, it is the ultimate badge of honor for a piece of software!

So, if you happen to be a magical combination of a Klingon speaker and a web developer or just want to help Feri make the world a better place, check her out at https://github.com/ForestMist/feri

If Feri looks interesting to you and you’d like more details on making a translation, check out Feri’s Translation Guide.

If it helps any I will gladly shower you with Feri stickers (in production), Star Trek Blu-Rays of your choice, laud your awesomeness on all my social networks and generally bend over backwards to help in all possible ways.

I may not yet know Klingon myself but I hope you have seen a glimpse of my programmer heart! Qapla’

kli (at) forestmist.org