Hello, I'm new here, but not completely new at the Klingon language. A few years ago I have even recorded a song with part of the lyrics in Klingon (since the title was Klingon Mach).

Today I have been conversating with a student in Klingon and now I need to do my own phrasing. So I tried with an online translator, but I found it difficult, because everytime when I translated an English phrase into Klingon and then back again into English it came out completely different. After a while I learned a bit better how it works, but I still have problems, especially with the dative and the distinction between nouns and adjectives. Anyway, my phrase seems to be ready now and I'd like to submit it to see if it is comprehensible and you understand it the way it was meant.

Here it is:

jach HoD: maqcha! bo ruch teS verengan not nob

In the process the translator came out with another nice one, so I post that too:

verengan teS not SoQ

This is much easier and I actually don't know if it's new, so maybe you have already heard it. Moreover it seems a bit in contradiction with the previous, which makes the interpretation of that one a bit more challenging.

Thanks for your attention!


Don't use any online translators. They don't produce grammatical Klingon 99% of the time. Those sentences mean something like: The captain screamed: the torpedo proclaims! Y'all ear's Ferengis do it. He never gives. Ear's Ferengi. He/she/it is never closed