Translating Wekan to Klingon?

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I'm maintainer of Wekan

Wekan is Open Source kanban board software

Wekan is available for these platforms

Wekan has MIT license.

Wekan is developed with Meteor.js framework , It's Javascript framework that runs on top of Node.js, and uses MongoDB database.

Here is summary of Wekan history:

Is someone interested in translating Wekan to Klingon? I'm have not studied Klingon yet, so I would not be able to translate to Klingon correctly. For Klingon to work, I would probably need to include Klingon font to Wekan, and add feature about changing font. Wekan text is UTF-8, can that show Klingon text with Klingon font correctly? I will in near future add BIDI support to Wekan , does Klingon use BIDI ? Wekan is translated at Transifex , and Transifex has Klingon in their list of languages. For language names that don't exist in Meteor.js package that is used for translations, like Igbo, I have usually changed language code to language name at menu with Javascript like this:

Wekan does not have Themes feature yet , so I can not ask for Star Trek Control Desk interface theme for Wekan yet. There is often new features that change Wekan interface, so making other theme currently is a lot of work. Because themes like Trello are copyrighted, I can't include them with Wekan. What is status with Star Trel Control Desk interface? Is there themes for it somewhere with license that is same or similar like MIT Open Source that Wekan has?

Mainly I'm asking this, because there is growing interest to space travel like at . I don't yet have any paying customers requesting features related to this to be able for pay for translations. With upcoming Friend platform listed at platforms page and FLOSS Weekly interview , Wekan would be available for example at Android and iOS mobile platforms, so I'm thinking if Wekan could be used in some order management system like for example for shops etc on earth or between planets. Workflows can be implemented with for example Node.js like with Gogs integration or then some workflow tool like Huginn or Flogo