I am building a second version of my 5-string bass guitar. On the first version I used the Egyptian hieroglyphs for the word: “Exterminator” as fretmarkers.

Now for this second version I was thinking about doing the same but in Klingon writing.

Is it possible to provide me with the right Klingon letter signs for this word so I may use this as fretmarkers?

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De'vID Answered question August 26, 2019

I have seen the Klingon Alphabet but the letters X and K are not in it.
I know that sometimes these sounds can be made by using other letters instead, like in Egyptian Hieroglyphs they don’t have the letter E since it is easily implied by the rest of the word and they don’t have the X since that can be made by coupling the K and S.
That’s why I need some hep with this. I am fairly a newbie in the Klingon language so I don’t know which letters to use for it.