To whom it may concern,


I am writing a book for NaNo month set on the sci-fi/fantasy convention circuit. The main characters attend a dance hosted by the local Klingon cos-players. For the final dance, the Klingon master of ceremonies would use the following words. I was wondering if I could get them translated into Klingon to add reality to the book. I will need them in American alphanumeric font since that is what the publishers are going to have.


Stop (stopping the music of the second to last dance)
Final Dance/Battle (prepare for the final dance of the night – he is shouting these words, so only one or two words would be great).
Begin/Commence (start the dance/battle)
Success (Stop, this ball is over) – I am using the well-known word from the series – Qapia’.


Thank you for any help you can give.