Greetings. As you may know, there is a Kickstarter project going on right now to bring back Mystery Science Theater 3000. The fans have rallied around Joel and the project and are helping out wherever they can. We have created a flyer which folks can print out or post to help spread the word. It is currently being translated into several languages, German (completed), Spanish, and Japanese. It has been suggested several times in the comments area that Klingon would be great too. Practically speaking, I don't know how many folks would actually learn anything from the Klingon flyer, but it would be seriously cool to be able to list it. We are also aware that it is most likely, to do it correctly, a crap-ton of work. But, we thought we would ask and maybe there would be a warrior who also likes MST3K and would do it to help out.

You can find the campaign here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mst3k/bringbackmst3k/

Thanks for your time,