There's a new Star Trek Roleplaying game coming out, and they just released the PDF of the core rulebook.  One part of the book contains a personal log of Klingon High Councilor, with the following phrase:

{tugh qoH nachDaj je chev'lu'ta'}

I assume the author was attempting to translate "A fool and his head are soon parted."  However, this translation seems incorrect to me.  I think the verb requires a {lu-} prefix because you have a plural object, and the {-ta'} suffix is incorrect because the action has not yet been completed.  So I would instead use {luchevlu'} as the verb in this sentence.

So my questions are two-fold

(1) Am I correct about the grammar here, and does my correction make sense?

(2) Is there perhaps a more elegant way of translating this proverb?

sadashiv jiil Answered question March 19, 2019