I wrote a book about the klingon culture in german, which will be published soon. Actually I'm writing the text for the backside-cover (flap text?) and want to start with a klingon sentence.

In german, it's "Wissenssuchender Mensch, in diesem Buch findest Du Informationen über die ruhmreiche klingonische Gesellschaft."

In english: "Knowledgeseeking human, in this book you will find information about the glorious Klingon society." ("Culture" would be better, but I didn't find the word culture in okrands dictionary, so I used society instead.)

In Klingon: ghotpu' Sovnejqang, qaStaHvIS yIlaD De' vIHtaHbogh pujbe' tlhIngan nugh tu' SoH.

At the Cover, I'll use the klingon font, not the latin-letters.

My question to the experts: Is this translation correct? (I guess not.) And how would it be correct?

Thank You and Qapla'

sokrateserbe Asked question May 6, 2020