I’ve come seeking the wisdom of the only board that can help me!  I’m hoping to find the Klingon translation for the word “Unseen.”  There is no canon translation that I can find through various material online and off.  The closest I’ve come with the online English-to-Klingon translators is by using the word “invisible” (mIv tIn vItuQchoH) which isn’t really the same.  I would greatly appreciate any and all suggestions!



qurgh Answered question September 29, 2019

Can you give a little more context of how you plan to use the word “unseen”? It’s hard to translate words in a vacuum.

I’m not sure where you got {mIv tIn vItuQchoH} from, but it means “I begin wearing a big helmet”. I don’t think it has anything to do with being invisible.


Yes! Of course, you’re right. I should have given more context initially, my apologies!

I want to use the word to refer to a group of people or organization, such as “the unseen.”

In the same way, for example, today we might say a group of people are part of “the forgotten” or if a group were to call themselves ‘the forgotten.” I hope this gives you the proper context, please let me know if you have other questions.

My profound thanks!