Klingon Translations Needed

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HI, I need help with a few translations that we need for an online video project. Lines are below. Please let me know if you can help?
Armada Approaches. Join Us or Be Destroyed.
Will You Die Begging or Die Fighting?
Victory for the Merciless.

qurgh Answered question September 26, 2018

"Armada Approaches."
ghoStaH yo"a'
Lit: "The major fleet is approaching"

"Join Us or Be Destroyed."
jumuvbe'chugh vaj pIQaw' (singular)/chemuvbe'chugh vaj reQaw' (plural) 
Lit: "If you do not join us we will destroy you"/"If you all do not join us we will destroy you all"

"Will You Die Begging or Die Fighting?"
bIHeghtaHvIS bIqoy"a' pagh bISuv'a' (singular)/SuHeghtaHvIS Suqoy'a' pagh bISuv'a' (plural) 
Lit: "While you are dying, do you beg or do you fight?"/"While you all are dying, do you all beg or do you all fight?"

"Victory for the Merciless."
pung HutlhwI'vaD qaS yay
Lit: "Victory happens for the ones that lack mercy."

De'vID Posted new comment September 30, 2018

**ghoS** can mean "approach" or "go away from". To be more specific, **naDev ghoStaH yo"a'**.

In the third sentence, the final **bISuv'a'** should obviously be **SuSuv'a'**.

Finally, I'd render the last one more actively: **yay luchav pung HutlhwI'**.