I am working on recording a live choir in Klingon and I need help with not only the translation but also how to pronounce each Klingon word. Can I get help with a phonetic translation below?

You will be the death of many a woman’s son between the seedtime and the harvest of the grain. We have lost our sons. We remember and remember and remember. They died in glory. We have paid for glory. We pay and pay and pay. I gave my son, there is no higher price. When will the bloodshed end?  

law’ be’ puqloD DuqIppu’chugh puq tIr yob HeghnIS. puqloD maluj. qaw qaw ‘ej qaw maH. Hegh chaH qaStaHvIS ben law’ batlhmey. DIl maH ben law’ batlhmey. yIDIl yIDIl ‘ej yIDIl maH. puqloDwI’ nob jIH, pa’ veb pagh ‘ay’. ghorgh qabna’Daj bloodshed?

Years ago in them, to die with honor. Years ago, we will pay for everything with honor and blood. we pay and pay  and pay, and what are we. We gave our son to the next kingdom, I am a part of.

ben bIH Hegh batlh. ben DIl maH Hoch batlh ‘Iw je. yIDIl ‘ej yIDIl yIDIl maH ‘ej Dotlhmaj. puqloD nob maH veb Qun’a’ wo’, ‘ay’.

Thank you!

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