I'm the head of a group doing a cultural study on the cultural impact of the Dominion War and am seeking skilled Klingon linguists to potentially record some audio clips for the project.  Linguists with an interest in providing/creating Klingon cultural perspectives on the Dominion War would be given priority in our queue and, if we have the opportunity to collaborate, would be prominently credited within any project or derivative works for their efforts.

NOTE: This is a volunteer project, however, we are trying to secure a small amount of private funds to finance our work, which we would be pleased to share among all contributors, properly weighted according to their scope of contribution.

Please contact me directly at zurielseven@gmail.com with the subject line "Klingon Language Institute: Dominion War Study" if you are interested.

zurielseven commented June 7, 2017

This project is expected to run from May 2017 through August 2017. Potential contributors may contact me through mid-July for more information.