Waze is a GPS app that allows you to have different voices giving you directions, and it even lets you record a customized set of instructions. I have decided to have my directions barked at me in Klingon. Allow me to show you what I have so far and if it sounds about right.

In 1 mile — wa’ qelI’qam (I realize one mile is not equivalent to a kellicam, but I figure it’s close enough.)

In half a mile — bID qelI’qam

In a quarter of a mile — loSlogh boqHa”egh wa’ qelI’qam (This is too long for the allowed recording, so I’m speaking so fast that I can’t tell what I’m saying. Is there a unit similar to a foot or a meter that I can use instead? Or perhaps an easier way to express fractions/decimals?)

In 0.1 miles — wa’maHlogh boqHa”egh wa’ qelI’qam (Same as the last one, yeep.)

Keep left — poS yIratlh

Keep right — nIH yIratlh

Turn left — poS yItlhe’

Turn right — nIH yItlhe’

Exit left — poS yImej

Exit right — nIH yImej

Continue straight — yIghoStaH

Make a U-turn — ? (I can’t find a simple command just to turn around, turn about, about face, or reverse course. I found retreat, but that doesn’t seem to convey this idea very well)

At the roundabout — ghoDaq

Take the first exit — wa’DIch yImej

Take the second exit — cha’DIch yImej

Police reported ahead — ‘avwI’ ja’lu’pu’ (I initially had ‘ejDo’ instead of ‘avwI’ because I thought it was funny)

Crash reported ahead — paw’ ja’lu’pu’

Hazard reported ahead — Qob ja’lu’pu’

Heavy traffic reported ahead — ghom’a’ ja’lu’pu’

And then — ‘ej vaj

Rerouting — He jIcherchoHmoHlI’

There are also 9 phrases I can use that they will interchange when I get underway and one when I arrive at my destination. I have chosen random (sorta) Klingon phrases for the 9, but of course I must say Qapla’ for the last one.

So does this look good? Do I need to add or change anything to make it more accurate?

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I have found a few things that have led to me change a few of these translations. They are as follows.

In 1 mile — chuq wa’ qelI’qam

In half a mile — chuq bID qelI’qam

In a quarter of a mile — chuq vI’ cha’ vagh qelI’qam

In 0.1 miles — chuq vI’ wa’ qelI’qam

Take the first exit — lurgh wa’DIch yImej

Take the second exit — lurgh cha’DIch yImej

Rerouting — He vIcherchoHmoHlI’