Greetings !

I am working on a little sentence in klingon, and I would like to make it as orthodox/klingonically correct as possible.

It will be part of a code that I want my friends to decipher so the klingon part should be as unequivocal as possible. Due to technical constraints, I would like to keep everything (including spacing) under 70 letters. Also, I will not be using my real name here so that info cannot be backtracked, and the riddle solved without any effort.

The meaning that is to be conveyed is the following :

During the last 20 years (/the past 20 years period), we have fought countless battles together (/numerous battles). Consequentially you are now (/from now on I will treat you as) part of the ‘alteH clan (/family).

I tried to roughly translate it using Okrand’s Klingon Dictionnary, but I find myself lacking in vocabulary and most likely mixing the orders on some words. The end of the second sentence was taken from an already « approved translation » but my confidence rating for that source is not very high.

What I ended up getting is :

may‘ law’qu‘ Suvpu‘ cha‘ maH nem.  DaH Sutay‘ SoH‘ ‘alteH tuq je.

A LOT of battles have been fought twenty years ago. Now you (plural) and H a l t e r house are together.

I’d like to know if it is possible to convey the feeling that the battles were fought together and not passively fought. Also maybe the word nem here is not the best since it might not carry the continuous action properly.

Any help is most welcome.

All the best, and many thanks!

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