Over a decade ago, I started a little project to get the phrase "Hell's teeth and Satan's kittens!" translated into many languages as possible – (all is explained here: https://satans-kittens.neocities.org/hells_teeth/#why)

At the time someone kindly offered to make the Klingon translation for me, but I wasn't sure how accurate it would be as I did not know the person's proficiency or where I could get ti checked.. The website fell by the way-side for many years, until a few months back, I decided to resurrect it. I am still trying to get as many languages as possible, but now, I would like audio files as well, so people ca hear the phrase spoken.

I recently found the Klingon Language Institute while looking for info on Esperanto, so decided to give it another shot.

Does anyone feel up to the task of making a translation of "Hell's teeth and Satan's kittens!" into Klingon (or any other language for that matter!) for me?
Also, I would really appreciate a spoken audio file as well 🙂 The task requires a little of acting, as I would like the speaker to sound surprised (good examples are given in the English, Finnish and Russian audio files)

The website is a personal project and has no commercial ties and I can't really offer anything in return, other than the person's name and say a link to a relevant website/organisation.

Many thanks!

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