"Hell's teeth and Satan's kittens!"

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Over a decade ago, I started a little project to get the phrase "Hell's teeth and Satan's kittens!" translated into many languages as possible – (all is explained here: https://satans-kittens.neocities.org/hells_teeth/#why)

At the time someone kindly offered to make the Klingon translation for me, but I wasn't sure how accurate it would be as I did not know the person's proficiency or where I could get ti checked.. The website fell by the way-side for many years, until a few months back, I decided to resurrect it. I am still trying to get as many languages as possible, but now, I would like audio files as well, so people ca hear the phrase spoken.

I recently found the Klingon Language Institute while looking for info on Esperanto, so decided to give it another shot.

Does anyone feel up to the task of making a translation of "Hell's teeth and Satan's kittens!" into Klingon (or any other language for that matter!) for me?
Also, I would really appreciate a spoken audio file as well 🙂 The task requires a little of acting, as I would like the speaker to sound surprised (good examples are given in the English, Finnish and Russian audio files)

The website is a personal project and has no commercial ties and I can't really offer anything in return, other than the person's name and say a link to a relevant website/organisation.

Many thanks!

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Klingon doesn't have words for "Hell", "Satan", or "Kitten" so it's not going to be a literal translation. The best I can suggest is:

ghe'tor Ho'Du' veqlargh vIghro'Hommey je
Gre'thor's teeth and Fek'lhr's baby v'gro

Gre'thor is the afterlife where the dishonored dead go. It's similar to hell, but without the eternal punishment overtones. Fek'lhr is the guardian of Gre'thor. His job being to keep people both in and out of Gre'thor. 

Hi qurgh,
Thanks for the reply. That's one reason why I thought it would be a challenge – that while most cultures on Earth would have some knowledge of the Christian concept of hell and Satan, I figured Klingon wouldn't.

Over on a Facebook page, someone gave me the same translation:

Any chance of an audio file? 😉

Hmmm… I just tried to post a reply, but it doesn't seem to show. Here goes again…

Many thanks for the reply. Just before Christmas, someone from a Facebook group gave me the same translation!

Would you consider doing an audio file? Please. 😀

If you head over to https://hol.kag.org/sentence/ghe27tor+Ho27Du27+veqlargh+vIghro27Hommey+je the site will generate an MP3 using TTS. Unfortunately I'm not somewhere I can record right now.

I checked that site out. While it might have the pronunciation right, it's very mechanical. I'm hoping to get folk to put a bit of emotion into the audio.

I can record something, but it'll probably be after the weekend before I get a chance to.