Over at RPGnet, I and a few others are working on a hack of the Pendragon RPG to run Klingon games. The idea is to use it as the basis of the Great Kahless Campaign (GKC), a hack in itself of the Great Pendragon Campaign (GPC). The GPC is a campaign that spans 80 years, taking the characters (and their descendants) from the period of Uther's reign all the way to the fall of Camelot. The GKC would run from 2266 all the way to teh Klingon Civial War in the 24th century.

A campaign, in RPG terms, is a series of adventures connected by a storyline. In searching for a translation, I couldn't find an equivalent in Klingon. The closest thing seems to be yo'SeH (operation). So, GKC would be qeylIS yo'SeH Dun. Is that correct?

Also, I tried to find a translation for dragon, the name of teh ship the characters are first assigned to in the GKC. Would lung Dun (great lizard) be appropriate?

Thank you.

qurgh Answered question August 3, 2020