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I wasn't sure where to place this question. And I have been web searching for hours to no avail. My question is by any chance do you all know of any family created translations of Klingon for the untranslated portions in any of the various TV series episodes. There is always the small bits and pieces of phrases left untranslated throughout the various series beyond the use of "success". I ask because I am contemplating doing some fan edits of the various series (mostly splicing two parters into upgraded cinematic versions of themselves), and I'd like all the languages to actually be subtitled even the parts that have thus far been ignored. Thanks for your time reading this, and thank you for your help.


Most of the Klingon shown on TNG/DS9/VOY is gibberish. It's often made up by the writers, and the few attempts to use the Dictionary either fail to use proper grammar or is butchered by the actor speaking the lines (sometimes both). There's a few successes over the 21 seasons, but most of them don't take into consideration Klingon culture, so you have Riker saying things like "I meet you, your honor" as an attempt by a writer to create some kind of Klingon greeting. 

Only the Star Trek Movies, the last season of Enterprise, and Discovery correctly use the Klingon language.