I will tell you the reason why i’m searching for the word „lem“:

Last year I’ve started to build bass-guitars and I decided to put klingon words with three letters as decals on the headstocks. After the death of Motörhead singer and bass-player Lemmy Kilmister I came up with the idea to build a tribute bass and take the word „lem“ in klingon letters as decal. But I couldn’t find this word in my dictionary.

If it means something like „knitting“, „daffodil“ or „pink unicorn“ I think it wouldn’t be a good name for a bass-guitar.

Maybe I‘ve got luck and the word „lem“ means something like music or musical instrument and „lemwI’“ is the klingon word for musician. I just don’t know and that’s why I ask here.

Thanks and Qapla’.