I have been looking for several translations for words such as "integer" and "decimal number" (A number with digits past the decimal point, and I realized that there don't seem to be translations for such words. For integer, I took the approach of the German language, "ganze Zahl" (meaning whole/complete number), and translated it as mI' naQ. For "decimal number", I found that Klingon does have a translation for decimal point, vI'. I believe it would be possible to say the equivalent of "number with decimal point", but I'm not sure how to structure that. My closest guess would be vI' ghajbogh mI"e', but there may be a simpler way to express it. Are there simpler or better ways to translate these? What about for things like rational numbers, irrational numbers (or complex and/or transcendental if possible)? I realize that a lot of our names for these numbers come from our history as humans. Is there a reasonable way to express the types of numbers that would not rely on our arbitrary history? One other thing I was wondering is if there were some way to say a number is positive or negative.

Kirk Fox Asked question June 19, 2018