In Naples (Italy) there is a shared project: to translate a little love poem for the City of Naples in all the languages of the World.

With various online translators I tried to translate the little poem into Klingon … but will it be a good deed?

Who can help me? THANK YOU!
Enzo (delehaye.vincenzo@gmail.com)

Sending the text in ENGLISH and my bad translation in KLINGON:

“I am from Naples”

I am from Naples and I live in the most ancient capital of the western world, already a metropolis when New York did not exist, and London and Paris were small towns.

I am from Naples and I belong to the oldest culture in Europe, the same culture that allowed us to speak Greek when everybody spoke Latin.

I am from Naples and I speak the language of diplomacy at the court of Catherine the Great. The language that gave Italy a musical, literary and theatrical tradition.

I am from Naples and I live in the town where not one fire was ever lit to burn people during the Inquisition, the town where NEVER the Spanish Inquisition was allowed to enter a tribunal.

I am from Naples and I live in a town proud to be recognised by its tolerance and hospitality, a town where new and ancient gods live together, and souls are big enough to hold and love them all.

I am from Naples and I live in the town that invented “il sospeso”, the coffee paid to the stranger whom you will never know, so that no one would feel so poor as not to be able to afford a coffee.

I am from Naples and I live in a town that even at the highest point of its splendour NEVER invaded other countries to dominate and rule over their people with arms. We always conquered them with love, song and culture.

I am from Naples and I live in the town that alone with Paris gave meaning to the word FLANEUR, wandering for the sake of wandering, to enjoy the sight of human life.

I am from Naples and I own the past and the future, because this is the town where everything starts and everything ends.

I am from Naples and my destiny depends on the integrity of an egg buried by Virgilio “the wizard” deep in the depth of earth. As life is not worth singing about if it has no magic.

I am from Naples and my body hosts all the wounds and all the pains of Isis looking for Osiris’ body. This is the body I attempt to resurrect in my pilgrimage across the seven sanctuaries.

I am from Naples and I like in a town born from a siren’s body, as she died of sorrow for not having been able to seduce Ulysses. As intelligence did not fall for passion, not knowing what it was giving up.

I am from Naples and I live in the town where Christian Andersen – coming to visit us from the cold lights of the deepest north – said as he was leaving: “When I die, I will come back to Naples to become a ghost, because the night here is unbelievably beautiful”.

We could carry on forever, but – being from Naples – I cannot avoid spending a thought for Borghezio and his pals. We will never be capable of so much hatred. We love the courage of irony and, to the people insulting at a football match screaming NAPOLITANS WE HATE YOU ALL, we ironically replied JULIET IS A TROLLOP. Shakespeare did not take offence. The idiots did not understand. The whole world laughed.


“vo’ vIpawtaH naples”

vo’ vIpawtaH naples ‘ej popmey neH ‘ach tIQ mon western, qo’ chonayta’ metropolis HeghDI’ wej nIv’e’ chu’ york ‘ej london ‘ej paris veng SuvwI’ mach.

vo’ vIpawtaH naples ‘ej SeH jIH oldest culture neH europe, rap culture ‘e’ chaw’ maHvaD critique’a’wIj greek HeghDI’ latin jatlh SenwI’ rIlwI’ je.

vo’ vIpawtaH naples ‘ej ghar legh bo’DIj catherine Dun Hol pejatlh. Hol ‘e’ musical, literary ‘ej theatrical lurDech nob ‘Italya’.

vo’ vIpawtaH naples ‘ej pa’ nuqDaq reH wov wej wa’ qul nuvpu’ meQ during inquisition, nuqDaq not tribunal ‘el chaw’ spanish inquisition veng SuvwI’ veng SuvwI’ popmey.

vo’ vIpawtaH naples ‘ej popmey neH veng SuvwI’ Hem recognised tolerance hospitality, veng SuvwI’ nuqDaq yIn chu’ ‘ej tIQ luchenmoH nItebHa’ ‘ej laH’e’ tIn yap ‘uch ‘ej bang je.

vo’ vIpawtaH naples ‘ej pa’ veng SuvwI’ ‘e’ “il sospeso”, qa’vIn yIDIl stranger whom not DaSov’a’, vaj ‘e’ pagh Hot vaj vIvup je nobmeH qa’vIn maq ‘ogh popmey.

vo’ vIpawtaH naples ‘ej pa’ veng SuvwI’ ‘e’ vabDot legh nIv lang tu’lu’ ‘e’ lu’ang not latlh Sep ghatlh ‘ej Dache’taHvIS rIn DeS nuvpu’ yot popmey. chaH reH chargh maH muSHa’ghach, bom ‘ej culture.

vo’ vIpawtaH naples ‘ej popmey neH veng SuvwI’ ‘e’ wej vaj mu’ FLANEUR, Heroy’DeS vam wandering, wandering tIv Human yIn puS nob nIteb paris.

vo’ vIpawtaH naples ‘ej qa’ jIH nuq ‘oH, ‘ej lach’eghDI’ jIH mo’ veng SuvwI’ nuqDaq starts Hoch ghajHa’ghach qabna’Daj Hoch ‘ej ghotvam’e’.

vo’ vIpawtaH naples ‘ej wuv destiny integrity QImmey mol virgilio “wizard” jaQ qaStaHvIS tera’ natlhlu’mo’. law’ yIn wej worth pagh magic ghaj ‘oH bom vIHtaHbogh chugh.

vo’ vIpawtaH naples ‘ej Hoch rIQ ‘ej isis osiris porgh nej Hoch ‘oy’ hosts porgh. lom resurrect nID jIH neH pilgrimage across sanctuaries Soch ghotvam’e’.

vo’ vIpawtaH naples ‘ej vIparHa’ neH veng SuvwI’ SIQ vo’ lom siren, Hoch Hegh wej nobmeH seduce ulysses ‘IQ. Hoch wej pum intelligence nongtaHghachwIj, wej nuq jegh ‘oH vISov.

vo’ vIpawtaH naples ‘ej pa’ nuqDaq tIH christian andersen – ghoS maHvaD vISuch vo’ bIr lights deepest north – mej ghaH veng SuvwI’ popmey: “HeghDI’ Hegh, SanejmeH wItI’nISmo’ naples luleghDI’, Damoj HoSqu’mo’ unbelievably ‘IH naDev ram”.

laH qeng, ‘ej maH reH ‘ach – vo’ naples – borghezio ‘ej maqoch Qub ‘arghbej pagh webqu’meH nov jIH. not bImejpa’ capable vaqwI’ hatred. toDuj irony ‘a maH je lu’angbe’nISlu’ tIch legh football qul naQmey napolitans maH muS SoH Hoch jach, juliet mach TROLLOP ironically jang maH. HeS Data”a’ wej tlhap SeQpIr. yajbe’ petaQ. Hagh qo’.

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