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maj. I made a minor typo in my post. Qu''a' should have two apostrophes between the u and the a. I don't have any account on that forum, but if you have more questions about translations, feel free to...

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Great Khaless Campaign

yo'SeH is part of the name yo'SeH yaHnIv which means Operations Command. It literally translates to "fleet control superior work station" . yo'SeH by itself means "fleet control", it doesn't have anything...

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Where can I acquire professional Klingon translations?

There are many people within the KLI that do translation-for-hire work, myself included. The best way to find them is to join either the KLI Discord server or the KLI Group on Facebook. Sometimes they...

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Need help translating a song lyric (Hotel California)

First, don't use Bing (or anything that uses Bing or claims to do online translations) as all it makes is gibberish. Second, we do have a way to say "check-out" in Klingon, as there's a line in Power...

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Duj = instincts, ship – How do you tell the difference in a sentance?

Context. It's the same as telling the difference between English words that sound the same. Does "He lies" mean "He tells a fib" or "he reclines horizontally"? Is a "bow" a thing tied from ribbon, a thing...

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On college apps?

It's on my resume, but then I have published a translated book and have credits in a movie and a TV show, so my position is a little different. If someone judges you poorly because you are interested...

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Stacking Adverbs

Yes, reH batlh tlhIngan Hol yIjatlh means Always speak Klingon honourable. chaq wej QIt Soj vISop means Perhaps I have not yet slowly eaten the food. I think saying batlh pe'vIl tlhIngan Hol pejatlh would...

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Translation of the name “know-nothing-boso”

BOSO ‘oH pongwIj’e’ ‘ej pagh vISov means "My name is BOSO and I know nothing" I'd translate "Know-nothing-boso" as pagh Sovbogh boso - Boso that knows nothing (assuming Boso is a proper noun,...

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Do the concepts of forgive, prayer, or worship exist in klingon?

Some of these things just don't exist for Klingons. They have no deities to pray to or worship. For "forgive", maybe "stop resenting someone/thing": qeH 'e' mev "Praying" is simply requesting something,...

December 6, 2019 5
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time expression at Klingon

I'd go with: tuch yajlu'meH pa'logh yajnISlu' In order to understand the future, the past needs to be understood

November 22, 2019 5
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Are there words for kinds of weather?

In tlhIngan Hol words for the weather are mostly verbs, with the subject being muD - the atmosphere: SIS - to rain tuD - to thunder raw - to lightning peD - to snow So you could say: DaHjaj SIStaH...

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Meaning of Q’onoS

Qo'noS Kronos is just a name, it doesn't mean anything to Klingons as far as we know, much like other Klingon names in Star Trek (Worf, Martok, Gowron, Kruge, Gorkon, etc). They are just collections of...

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What was L’Rell’s order to the D-7 fleet during the Battle of Xahea in Klingon?

She calls it a Day Soch, literally a D-7. The whole line she says is Day Soch yIja': DISqa'vIrIy Suvbogh qoq yo'Daq yIbaHrup - Tell the D-7: Be ready to fire (torpedoes) at the robot fleet that is fighting...

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Klingon word for “unseen”

There's a few options. I'm going to start with the longest version, and go to the shortest one. My translations are literal, any of these mean the same as the English "the unseen": nuvpu' leghbe'lu'bogh...

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