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Event Series SeQpIr Ho'wI' yej'an

SeQpIr Ho'wI' yej'an

VC: 1073392009336848435

The Shakespeare Appreciation Society meets weekly to read and discuss Shakespeare’s works (currently, Hamlet) in the original Klingon. During the meetings, we take turns translating…

Klin Zha Quj taghwI'pu'

Zoom (Holmey wam)

This meeting is for anyone interested in learning how to play the Klingon chess-like game Klin Zha. We will meet on Zoom and learn together to…

jaw taghwI'pu' / beginners chat

Zoom (Holmey wam)

Will Morton / Holmey wam is inviting you to a Zoom chat: jaw taghwI'pu' (All-Klingon Chat Room for Beginners) Meeting ID: 837 6991 2619 Passcode:…

laD taghwI'pu' / beginners read

Zoom (Holmey wam)

This group will read-aloud and translate the archived issues of Qo’noS QonoS This group will meet immediately after jaw taghwI'pu' on the same Zoom link.…

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