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tlhaq mISHom / temporal anomaly

European Summer Time ends 30 October. US Daylight Saving Time ends November 6. For the week between those dates, events hosted in the US will…

Recurring Event jawmeH qep

jawmeH qep

KLI Discord

tlhIngan Hol wIjatlhmeH maghom. rut much wIbej, rut maja'chuq neH. muchlaH jeSwI': latlhvaD vay' Daja' DaneHchugh, much yI'ogh 'ej yImuch. muchchugh pagh, majatlh neH. The…

Using MS Outlook or Google Calendar or a similar calendar program, you can subscribe to an .ics feed of the KLI Events Calendar with this link:

This official feed does not include events that have already happened. It lists only upcoming events.