All times on this view of the calendar are US Eastern Time (America/New_York).

‘ewrop nIQ qep

'ewrop nIQ qep Sa 10:30 CEST/UTC+2 (4:30 am EDT) majawmeH 'ej maqeqmeH maghom, thlIngan Hol wIlo'taHvIS. Fun little get-togethers were we talk (ideally only) in…

peq poD wa’DIch.

bIbot'a' HoS? 'umghetlhmav DaDalHalghuch, bIbotjeb! 'aH! loHpoD wItlhajjaj! mob poD DImobjaj. juQyem DIjuQjaj! tlhal'up DISImHomjaj! Zoom pa'Daq qaS wanI'vam. wIv naw'lu'chugh, qep naw'lu'. chaw' ngoq…

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