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Oct 31

tlhaq mISHom / temporal anomaly

31 October - 7 November

European Summer Time ends 31 October. US Daylight Saving Time ends November 7. For the week between those dates, events hosted in the US will be an hour later than usual by clocks not in the US or Canada, and events hosted in Europe will be an hour earlier by US clocks. Please pay attention to this potential for confusion. The KLI Events Calendar is aware of the time zone changes, and always shows things properly for the US Eastern Time zone. If you are subscribed to the .ics feed, everything should be correctly displayed in your own app according to your preferences.

(Southern Hemisphere residents are not being ignored. It’s just that there are currently no events hosted there, and regular discontinuities in time zone conversion are already a normal occurrence.)


31 October
7 November

Using MS Outlook or Google Calendar or a similar calendar program, you can subscribe to an .ics feed of the KLI Events Calendar with this link:

This official feed does not include events that have already happened. It lists only upcoming events.