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Word: tweezer



Use a tweezer to pull out the splinter

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6 thoughts on “tweezer

  1. Andrew Miller says:

    Maybe this word will lead to related concepts such as calipers and pinch.

  2. anDu says:

    Interesting to see if this will be a pluralia tantum in Klingon as it is in English.

    • Andrew Miller says:

      My hypothesis is no:

      cha”etlh pe’wI’ scissors
      glasses, spectacles

      • Andrew Miller says:

        Ah, pardon me. The word for glasses/spectacles is neqratlh. But it is still singular.

      • anDu says:

        Sounds like a sound hypothesis.

      • anDu says:

        In any event, by the end of July we’ll have our answer.

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