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Word: treat somebody like



To say things like "We treat the hostages as honored guests." or "They treat the prisoners like animals." In English, the word "treat" can be used both about people ("Treat me like royalty") or objects ("Treat/Use the sword like a hammer"), so it would be nice to have clarification if this word/phrase also has this dual meaning.

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2 thoughts on “treat somebody like

  1. Andrew Miller says:

    ‘etlh DaraQtaHvIS mupwI’ yIDamoH.
    Make the sword act like a hammer while you handle it.

    bIghHa’ luche’taHvIS Hu luDamoH.
    While they are in charge of the prison they will run it like a zoo.

    Similar constructions probably work for inanimate patients. With animate beings it’s trickier because you can’t just ‘make them act like’ something – the verb says as much about the agent’s mindset as the patient’s.

    • Andrew Miller says:

      nur’e’ qotlhbogh voDleH HInob.
      Give me the dignity an emperor deserves.

      qama’pu’vaD nur’e’ qotlhbogh Ha’DIbaH lunob ‘avwI’pu’.
      The guards give the prisoners the dignity an animal deserves.

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