Word: Transliterations of proper names and adhering to Klingon syllable structure


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Most official transliterations of non-Klingon names adhere to the usual Klingon syllable structure, with limited consonant clusters. Michael Dorn's last name was transliterated {Do'rIn} as opposed to *{Dorn}, Germany is {DoyIchlan} instead of *{DoychlanD}, Quark (the Ferengi) is {quwargh} instead of {qwarq}, etc. But a small number of official Klingon transliterations of proper names appear to violate Klingon syllable structure (in parentheses): {je(mS) qI(rq)}, {pIqa(rD)}, {ma(rq) 'oqra(nD)}, {Sar(br)uqen}. What, if anything, determines whether or not an alien name gets to keep its non-Klingon consonant clusters?

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